Our products are positioned very carefully.

They are of extremely high quality to ensure customer satisfaction, supported by impeccable service to all our markets and consumers alike.

KASI BREWERY brew and market its beer products through its in-house resources (technical and operational).

NB: There are three main products currently in our production line, and they are:

TITAN Lager ™
TITAN Lite ™
LONGHORN Draught ™

These products are sold in different sized containers ranging from the 330ml, 440ml to the 750ml bottle size, and will be periodically taken for testing through the South African Bureau of Standards, for quality checks so as to ensure that they conform to required quality standards.


Kasi Brewery beer products have underwent extensive quality management testing, and have been certified to be compliant with most of the national (government) and industry compliance accreditations, including – BUT not limited to :-

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